Widevine Secure Player SDK

NexPlayer with Widevine DRM Content Protection

NexPlayer Widevine is a player that comes pre-integrated with Widevine DRM. Stream your secured HLS and DASH content and deliver an outstanding user experience across all smartphones and tablets.

Widevine Secured Streams
HLS & DASH Streaming of Widevine encrypted content
Multiscreen Player

Widevine encryption and content playback across all Android and iOS devices

All NexPlayer Features

All NexPlayer SDK streaming and playback capabilities: subtitle/closed captioning formats, offline playback, Chromecast support, time-shifting, multiple audio/video tracks, third party add ons...

Fully Customizable

Customizable feature set and API 


Supporting Common Media Application Format (CMAF). Encrypt your content once and re-use your streams across other platforms

24/7 Technical Support

Fast, customized and multichannel technical support

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