Setup Google Widevine for HLS & DASH with Wowza, EZDRM & NexPlayer

NexPlayer is the only Video Player SDK that offers multi-device support for both HLS and DASH streaming with Google Widevine. As a certified Widevine implementation partner NexPlayer provides the only player for all Android and iOS devices for both streaming protocols with Widevine encryption.

Without a player SDK that can support Widevine on Apple HLS, OTT providers would have to migrate their streaming architecture to MPEG-DASH streaming or have to apply multiple DRM technologies to securely stream their content.

NexPlayer is a certified partner of Wowza Streaming Engine, one of the most popular streaming server solutions that provides NexPlayer with packaging support and content delivery.

Here is a brief description of the workflow:
Live content is encoded and streamed from an encoder over RTMP, SRT, RTSP or MPEG-TS. Live or on-demand video comes in unencrypted to the Wowza server and is encrypted on-the-fly for Apple HLS using 128-bit AES encryption or for MPEG-DASH using CENC (common encryption).

In addition to encrypting the content you can also attach a DRM service provider. Wowza and NexPlayer partnered up with EZDRM, making it easy for OTT providers that buy content or source their content from different media sources can track that usage through these DRM service providers.

NexPlayer provides SDKs for HTML5iOS and Android mobile devices, SmartTVs, as well as Set-top box and Gaming consoles that allow you to embed our player technology into your different devices to be able to provide professional playback and track the usage of that content using DRM service providers.

Google WidevineMicrosoft PlayReady and Apple Fairplay are DRM technologies that work natively inside of different browsers and devices to protect content playback. The problem for a lot of OTT service providers is that using multiple DRM technologies across different protocols can be expensive. It means you need different architectures to support different streaming protocols.

The real differentiator for NexPlayer is the fact that we can support Google Widevine, which is a royalty-free DRM technology, for both Apple HLS (the world’s most popular streaming protocol) and MPEG-DASH. NexPlayer’s partnership with Google Widevine allows simple DRM integrations with streaming server architectures and media servers like Wowza that can provide encoding and encryption.