Low Latency Player

Achieve low latency streaming in your OTT apps

In the world of live streaming, it’s important to make sure that your subscribers can view your content as close to real-time as possible. No one wants to receive a notification on their phone or hear someone cheering 30 seconds before actually seeing the game-winning score on their device. With the NexPlayer Low Latency Player, your users can enjoy live content faster than the people watching live television streams at home. This Low Latency Player is perfect for streaming live sports, live betting or bidding activities, and much more

Low Latency Player


Features Overview

DASH Live Streaming

Live streaming using DASH with CMAF Low Latency Chunks and local player optimizations 

Intelligent ABR

Not possible with older Low Latency technologies

Faster than Linear TV

Beats traditional broadcasting speeds (3 to 5 seconds)


plus all the features and capabilities of NexPlayer SDK

Easy to Integrate

Very easy to integrate into any Android or iOS app.

Solves the Device Fragmentation Problem

One player and feature set for all devices and OS versions

Highest Video Quality

Your OTT content with HW-boosted HD video quality 

Latest Codecs and Formats

Supporting H265, H264 Baseline/Main/High Profile, AAC...

Fully Customizable

Customizable feature set and API 

All Subtitle and Closed Captioning Formats

Supporting CEA 608/708, TTML, 3GPP, WebVTT, SMI, SRT, SUB and more

Multiple Integrated Add-ons

Fully compatible with third party solutions: Audio (DTS, Dolby), Analytics (Conviva, Agama), Ad Insertion (VAST, Yospace, Freewheel)...

DRM Content Protection

Compatible with Widevine DRM and any other DRM solution

Customized Technical Support

24/7 fastest and multichannel customer support

And Much More!



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