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NexPlayer is the only video player recommended by Samsung. Our SDK secures your Smart TV app video content with Widevine and PlayReady DRMs for HLS & DASH.

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We Support All Samsung Tizen Models from 2.3 (2015) Upwards

NexPlayer is easily integrated into Samsung Tizen Smart TV apps, enabling you to manage one player for all models, streamlining the go-to-market process.

Protect your content with Hollywood-grade DRM and add third-party solutions, including Analytics, Ad Insertion, advanced audio, and other unique services.

Learn more about bringing your app to all Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles with NexPlayer SDK. 

Powering Top-Tier OTT Apps

NexPlayer is fully customizable for any customer requirement. This is the reason why top-tier companies, such as Corus Entertainment, choose to bring their OTT apps to the most popular Smart TVs with NexPlayer’s SDK inside.

NexPlayer powers Corus Global TV, featuring VoD and Live Streaming on Samsung Tizen Smart TVs. Click underneath and read more about the integration. 

Premium features on all Tizen devices.

Premium OTT services can now provide an outstanding user experience thanks to a flexible feature set. These include the latest playback capabilities, advanced DRM content protection and full compatibility with third-party solutions for Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) with VPAID, VMAP, VAST, and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), including its corresponding analytics.

Customizable Player with 24/7 Customer Support

As a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner, we offer integration of your player with Widevine and other legacy DRM solutions to provide the best protection for your content.

NexPlayer’s Tizen Player SDK is fully customizable. Service providers are able to request additional features when needed, which gives them flexibility in supporting new use cases. We believe in our customers defining our roadmap.

Take advantage of our fast, customized, and multichannel technical support. Our team will always be there to help in case any issue arises.

Latest add-ons for Samsung Tizen Player SDK

GitHub Documentation

NexPlayer's advantages over AVPlay

Server Side and Client Side Ad Insertion
New APIs/features implementation
API to retrieve the video's info (initial buffer time, current buffer time, starting time used)
Static and dynamic thumbnails
API to directly work with the videos (ex: add new videos to the queue to ease the fast channel switching or remove videos to release memory)
Directly modify the code and the player's workflow (with native player you will need to get Samsung's approval each time)
Support any subtitle formats and custom renderer in order to unify the styling of the subtitle on every platform
Preferred Audio Codec (prioritize the audio codec that is wanted to be used)
Video Preferred Codec
IMA/PAL/DAI IMA SDKs for Client-Side Ad Insertion
AWS MediaTailor for SSAI

NexPlayer Specifications for Samsung Tizen

Video Delivery Formats



Progressive Download (MP4)




Ad Insertion


Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll

Client & Server-Side Ad Insertion

IMA & PAL for Client-Side Ad Insertion


ID3 Tags

EMSG metadata for fMP4 fragments.


Unified API

Pre-integrated and fully customizable UI

Multiple audio/video tracks

Prioritize preferred audio codec

ABR and UHD video (4K and 8K)


Trick Play


DVR Live Streaming


Static and Dynamic thumbnails

Dynamic CDN Switching

Subtitles & Closed Captions




TTML Subtitles


Content Protection

Widevine DRM

PlayReady DRM

AES 128


Custom HTTP headers

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