NexPlayer for Unity

NexPlayer for Unity enables HLS & DASH video streaming inside Unity apps and games.

Available for:

Available for Nintendo Switch™

Nintendo Switch™ is one of the devices where our plugin supports premium video streaming, enabling use cases never possible before in this popular device.

Widevine DRM Content Protection

Our Unity video player is based on the popular NexPlayer SDK code and it supports the most advanced features such as Widevine DRM. DRM protection is key for the distribution of premium contents. OTT service providers using NexPlayer SDK will be able to reuse the same contents to distribute them inside Unity apps.

Bring video streaming into your Metaverse

NexPlayer enables the possibility to create a fully interactive user experience, allowing in-game actions and advanced use cases such as quizzes, polls or a Metaverse with video streaming contents inside.

Immersive 360 and VR

Bring your OTT apps into the most popular VR Headsets and provide a unique user experience.

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported Graphics APIs HLS DASH Local Inside App (Streaming Assets) DRM
OpenGLES2, OpenGLES3
WebGL 1.0 / WebGL 2.0

GitHub Documentation

Features Overview


  • Mp4 download and playback
  • HLS & DASH Streaming with ABR (Adaptive Bitrate)
  • AES-128 HLS
  • Widevine DRM for Streaming and Local Playback for Android & iOS
  • Server-Side & Client-Side Ad Insertion
  • Windows & macOS Editor (Easy to Use)
  • Up to 8K (UHD) Resolution
  • Rendering Videos on 2D & 3D Objects

Basic Features

  • Auto Playback
  • Play / Pause
  • Seek
  • Audio Volume Adjustment
  • Loop Playback
  • Configurable Aspect Ratio
  • Portrait / Landscape Orientation

Advanced Features

  • Adjustable Buffering Time
  • Low Latency HLS & DASH Streaming
  • Offline Streaming Playback for HLS & DASH
  • Multi View Streaming (Display Multiple Synchronized Streams)
  • SRT, SMI, WebVTT Subtitles & CEA-608/708 Closed Captions
  • Multiple Audio & Subtitle Track Selection
  • Spread Video Across Multiple Objects
  • Content Information and Statistics (Audio & Video Bitrate, Codec, Average FPS, etc.)
  • Transparency and Chroma Support
  • Audio PCM Data
  • Audio piping to Unity

360 Video Playback and Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Touch input which includes movement, and camera rotation
  • Gyroscope input to move the camera
  • Mouse input to move the camera
  • Automatic Ground Leveler to stabilize the video
  • Custom shaders to map 2D, 3D Over/Under and 3D Left/Right 360 videos
  • Compatible with VR libraries for Unity (Google Cardboard, Vive & Oculus)

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