Nintendo Switch™
Player SDK

The premium video streaming player for your Nintendo Switch™ games.

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

Bring Video Streaming into your Nintendo Switch™ Games

NexPlayer for Nintendo Switch™ allows you to stream Live & VoD videos in DASH and HLS formats for any Nintendo Switch™ game. NexPlayer supports Unity 3D engine, making the integrations very easy and reducing the time to market.

NexPlayer powers Jeopardy!® PlayShow on Nintendo Switch™

NexPlayer joined with WayForward to bring America’s most favorite Quiz Show, Jeopardy!® on Nintendo Switch™ devices.

Advanced Features and Customizations

NexPlayer’s Nintendo Switch Player SDK enables the most advanced use cases with our cutting-edge technology, allowing service providers to request additional features for their revolutionary ideas.

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Features Overview

Subtitle and Closed Captioning Formats

WebVTT, TTML, CEA-608.

Track Selection

Multiple audio and subtitle track selection.

Content Protection

AES-128 content protection.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to embed into any Unity app. We include a sample app in our package.

Premium Technical Support

24/7 multichannel customer support and customization with the fastest response times.

Intelligent ABR

Our in-house developed Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) algorithms ensure the best-in-class video experience.

HLS & DASH Live Streaming

Supports Live & VoD content.

Premium Video Quality

The best-in-class video quality for top companies.

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