Nintendo Switch™
Player SDK

The premium video streaming player for your Nintendo Switch™ apps and games.

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

Live & VoD video streaming inside Apps & Games

NexPlayer for Nintendo Switch™ allows you to stream Live & VoD videos in DASH and HLS streaming formats for any Nintendo Switch™ application. It can be easily integrated into any native or Unity app, which opens the door for new use cases inside games, such as Live video content embedded within the game universe. It also enables OTT providers to offer their Live & VoD video services to Nintendo Switch™ users.

Customizable Player with 24/7 Customer Support

NexPlayer’s Nintendo Switch Player SDK is not based on Open Source. Therefore, service providers can request additional features when needed, offering them flexibility and a tailor-made solution that suits their needs in order to support new use cases. We believe our customers define our roadmap.

NexPlayer is well known for its fast customized and multichannel technical support. Our team will always be there to help if any issues arise.

Features Overview

Subtitle and Closed Captioning Formats

WebVTT, TTML, CEA-608.

Track Selection

Multiple audio and subtitle track selection.

Content Protection

AES-128 content protection.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to embed into any native or Unity app. We include a sample app in the source code.

Customized Technical Support

24/7 multichannel customer support and customization with the fastest response times.

Intelligent ABR

Our in-house developed Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) algorithms ensure the best-in-class video experience.

HLS & DASH Live Streaming

Supports Live & VoD content

Highest Video Quality

The best-in-class video quality for top global OTT Providers.

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