Use Cases

NexPlayer integrated AWS SSAI MediaTailor across multiple devices for over-the-top (OTT) applications

The channel assembly platform AWS Elemental MediaTailor has joined forces with NexPlayer to integrate their personalized ad-insertion service for over-the-top (OTT) applications.

NexPlayer the market-leading Player SDK for premium video apps, now powers Jeopardy!® PlayShow on Nintendo Switch™

America’s most favorite Quiz Show, Jeopardy!® launched for Nintendo Switch™ with NexPlayer inside, utilising the most advanced interactivity and highest quality video to create the most authentic game show experience.

NexPlayer powers live MultiView for Bell Media TSN App

NexPlayer in collaboration with Bell Media TSN App to provide the newest live interactive feature, MultiView. Enabling 5G device users to select a different camera angle or live stream simultaneously.

NexPlayer partners with Microsoft Azure Media Services as a 3rd Party Player

Microsoft Azure Media Services partnered up with NexPlayer to bring a market proven fully customizable media player that enables HLS & DASH streaming across all HTML5 platforms, browsers, and devices.

NexPlayer powers Corus Entertainment Tizen Apps

NexPlayer the market-leading Player SDK for premium video apps now powers Corus Global TV app on Samsung Tizen Smart TVs with the highest quality video services, a fully customized and the lates features.

NexPlayer and Sceenic Join Forces to Create Advanced Watch Together Experiences

NexPlayer and Sceenic joined forces to combine the leading multiscreen player SDK with the Sceenic Watch Together technology, where users can video chat whilst watching their video content. The integration takes the advantage of the market-proven Sceenic video chat technology …

NexPlayer powers BT Android and HTML5 Applications

We are proud of powering BT Sport and BT TV Android apps with NexPlayer. NexPlayer enables those apps to support playback of high-quality Dolby audio content, synchronization with watch-together video chats, and the best video quality across all Android …

NexPlayer Low Latency

NexPlayer has partnered with Videon, AWS Elemental MediaStore, and Amazon CloudFront to achieve sub-3-second end-to-end latency at scale worldwide. In addition, these workflows offer stream synchronization across devices to ensure all viewers are seeing the video content at the same time.

Combining NexPlayer with Agora Video Chat

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use NexPlayer SDK integration with Agora Video Chat on Android. While this guide will focus on Android, the concepts can be applied to iOS and the Web.

NexPlayer OTT & VOD

TenTime delivers VOD to smartphones, STBs, and more is the first Arabic interactive video-on-demand streaming platform offering the largest collection of shows, series, movies, and music in high definition targeting the Arabic-speaking population around the world.

NexPlayer integration with Yospace

NexPlayer is pre-integrated with Yospace’s Dynamic Ad Insertion platform. Replace ads with relevant ones targeted to ensure relevancy to your end-users, and create an improved OTT video experience for end customers and advertisers alike.

NexPlayer fully compatible with Wowza

NexPlayer is fully compatible with Wowza’s server-side solution. Create an end-to-end live HLS/DASH streaming solution with high video quality and all the playback capabilities of NexPlayer SDK.

NexPlayer and Videon Achieve Compatibility for Low Latency Streaming

OTT service providers everywhere are constantly looking for the best live low latency, cost-effective streaming solutions. Our partnership with Videon enables us to provide player technology that meets your requirements whilst using AWS MediaStore/CloudFront.

Conviva Integration with NexPlayer

NexPlayer is fully compatible and pre-integrated with Conviva analytics across all platforms. This pre-integration delivers a fully optimized solution that allows NexPlayer to send video playback events extracted by Conviva in the form of precise analytics about the way customers engage with the video content. Click learn more to see a sample demo code of the integration of our HTML5 player and Conviva.

NexPlayer 360º Video

A unique 360° live video concert experience to engage with their fans, Live & VOD playback across devices with Wowza. 

NexPlayer Multiview on Android, iOS & HTML5

NexPlayer has added a new MultiView feature in Android, iOS & HTML5 Player SDKs that allows broadcasters to display up to 5 simultaneous live streams to viewers with frame-accurate video synchronization within the same player frame (MultiStream Synchronization).

NexPlayer and Edgeware Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Low Latency Streaming to Media Organizations

NexPlayer and Edgeware announced a new integration, creating a joint low latency platform that connects the NexPlayer video player SDKs for Android and iOS with Edgeware’s TV Content Delivery Network (CDN) architecture.

Widevine DRM protection for HLS & DASH with Wowza, EZDRM & NexPlayer

NexPlayer is the only Video Streaming Player that offers multi-device support for both HLS and DASH streaming with Widevine DRM.

NexPlayer and EZDRM End-to-End Solution Supporting Widevine DRM

EZDRM, the original specialist in Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS), and NexPlayer, a premium media player, have joined forces to bring OTT services a multiplatform solution with Widevine DRM support that operates seamlessly across all device types while providing excellent technical support.

NexPlayer SDK for FireTV

Do you want to support the same features across all devices? Including the Fire TV devices? With NexPlayer, you won’t be depending on non-updated native players or on open source projects that you can’t control. Contact us and get a demo of NexPlayer for Fire TVs and start bringing premium video services to those devices.

NexPlayer and CDNetworks Announce Interoperability

CDNetworks and NexPlayer have verified interoperability between the former’s content delivery network (CDN) and the latter’s media player for Android, iOS, Smart TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), and web browsers/apps. With this workflow, media organizations can achieve stable playback on all devices and platforms.

NexPlayer SDK for Xbox and PlayStation Apps? Game on!

Over the years, many streaming video services have been deployed on iOS, Android, Desktop PC, Tizen, WebOS, and proprietary platforms (e.g. Roku). One platform, in particular, has been gaining market share behind the scenes, the Game Console.

NexPlayer Fully Compatible with Anevia

NexPlayer now offers a low latency player that is completely in sync with Anevia’s state-of-the-art video compression technology. Anevia is a French-based leading provider of software head-end products whose technology addresses current latency issues faced by OTT service providers everywhere. While linear TV (traditional broadcasting).

NexPlayer Partners with Streamroot to Optimize Video Delivery on Mobile Devices & Set-top boxes

NexPlayer, the market leader video player SDK for OTT apps, and Streamroot, the provider of the world’s most extensive distributed delivery network for OTT video, announced today that Streamroot DNA™ and NexPlayer SDK are now fully compatible. NexPlayer SDK enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all smartphones

NexPlayer & Mirego joined forces to powers top tier Sport App

NexPlayer the market-leading player SDK and Mirego one of the top development companies of digital products, apps, and services; have joined forces to power Canada´s most famous sports app with MultiView.