NexPlayer fully compatible with Anevia

8 June, 2018

NexPlayer now offers a low latency player that is completely in sync with Anevia’s state of the art video compression technology. Anevia is a French-based leading provider of software head-end products whose technology addresses current latency issues faced by OTT service providers everywhere. While linear TV (traditional broadcasting) normally has a latency between 3 and 5 seconds, the latency for OTT streams can range anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute depending on the number of viewers. For fans who are watching their favorite team play live or avid social media users who need to comment on breaking news, being 30 seconds late just doesn’t cut it.


By optimizing NexPlayer SDK for Anevia’s video compression technology, OTT service providers can now deliver low latency content to their viewers that bests even the fastest traditional broadcasting methods. To produce this result, Anevia’s server-side must package CMAF Low Latency Chunks (LLC) and send them to NexPlayer’s low latency player for immediate playback. Additionally, NexPlayer includes further optimizations for low latency at a purely local level by managing buffering and chunk sizes with a proprietary methodology. Together, Anevia and NexPlayer can process the content and deliver it to the viewer in an instant. This collaboration was successfully demonstrated during a live demo at NAB 2018, where it generated great interest as onlookers saw the latency between a real-time clock and a stream of the same clock powered by NexPlayer and Anevia.

Outdated technologies like RTP/RTSP and WebRTC cannot be used for mobile delivery because they do not support adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), but NexPlayer’s new ABR-enabled low latency player provides smooth streaming and crystal clear video across all devices. NexPlayer’s ABR technology adjusts the resolution based on network conditions and available bandwidth to ensure very little buffering and rapid start times, whether the connection is strong or weak. With the World Cup fast approaching, the latency problem looms larger than ever for anyone hoping to provide their customers with live streams of the matches. Anevia and NexPlayer offer one of the only low latency players on the market with such minimal latency for both live and on-demand content. Contact us now and we will make sure your viewers never miss a thing.