Frame Accurate MultiStream Synchronization on Android, iOS & HTML5 SDKs

NexPlayer has added the MultiView feature in our Android, iOS & HTML5 Player SDKs that allows broadcasters to display up to 5 simultaneous live streams to viewers with frame-accurate video synchronization within the same player frame (MultiStream Sync).NexPlayer has years of experience working with the top sports brands in the world including NBAMLBNFLRyder CupNCAA and ATP:

We also work with top broadcasters like SkyTurnerDirecTV, and Bell Media that cover major sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games:

MultiView’s player frame offers 1 high resolution stream within the larger view and 4 lower resolution feeds below. Users can easily choose between streams to toggle the high resolution stream.

NexPlayer MultiView provides these brands and broadcasters with an innovative way to broadcast live sporting events giving their viewers the power to choose from multiple angles that are fully synchronized within a seamless playback experience.

NexPlayer MultiView is a perfect fit for eSports, Motorsports, Gaming and other use cases where multiple camera angles and synchronization are essential to enhancing the viewing experience. Gaming and betting specifically are prime examples of business models that rely on technology to mitigate fraud and NexPlayer delivers on that promise with MultiView. This feature also gives content owners the option to add interactivity like Quizzes and Games to their video content.

NexPlayer MultiView is available on Android, iOS, HTML5, Android TV & Fire TV devices, which helps broadcasters and content owners deploy the same functionality across their apps and offer the same playback experience across all customer devices.

NexPlayer has established itself as the world leader in solving the problem of device fragmentation for video playback making it the most widely used player SDK for premium Android video apps. The Android Video Player SDK for mobile apps enables HLS and MPEG-DASH content streaming across all smartphones and tablets no matter the device or OS version. Integrate the NexPlayer SDK in your Android apps and provide an outstanding user experience thanks to an extremely advanced and totally flexible feature set.