NexStreaming powers 360Vuz app on all web browsers

As the leading Immersive Social Video mobile app, 360Vuz offers access to exclusive live, and VoD 360 videos that let users experience virtual events such as sports, entertainment, celebrities talks, concerts, and many more specific use cases. 360Vuz reached out NexPlayer to solve the challenge of bringing its VR app into web browsers with a top-tier and reliable video quality that could result in a seamless user experience.

NexPlayer was able to satisfy the requirements proposed by 360Vuz, like complementing the limited features and capabilities of other native players, providing a premium video experience to fulfill the upcoming streaming era that includes 360 environments or even metaverses. Now users will be able to get immersed in a virtual experience as if they were attending the live event.

NexStreaming´s CEO said: “We enjoy working with premium & innovative video apps like 360Vuz, focused on making their customers feel immersed and virtually present in all top events. Projects like this one open a completely new variety of unique use cases, and we hope we can keep working with 360 Vuz on more devices soon”.