TenTime uses NexPlayer to launch Arabic SVOD streaming platform on Android, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS

TenTime is the first Arabic interactive video-on-demand streaming platform offering the largest collection of shows, series, movies, and music in high definition targeting the Arabic-speaking population around the world.


To match the quality of their content, TenTime needed to offer a professional, reliable, and broadcast-quality playback experience across all of their users’ devices, including Android mobile phones and tablets as well as Samsung & LG Smart TVs.

TenTime decided that developing their own media player using Open Source technologies would require an expensive technical staff to build and maintain, expose them to potential bugs in the open-source software, and limit the feature set of their player; all of which would delay the launch of their OTT platform and put the project over budget.

Not only was TenTime concerned about using open source technologies that can be costly due to the hidden cost of bug fixes, they were also concerned about their user’s privacy and the possibility of end-user data collection.


As a result, TenTime researched the top media player solutions in the market and chose to embed the NexPlayer SDK into their Android, Samsung Tizen TV, and LG WebOS apps.

NexPlayer has over 15 years of experience working with the biggest names in entertainment and broadcasting, including BT, HBO, Sky, and Turner.

NexPlayer solves the expensive problem of managing many fragmented devices and platforms, helping broadcasters and OTT companies stay up-to-date on the latest device software updates to make sure the player within their apps are future-proof as well as backward compatible to support legacy devices.

The following are some key benefits of the solution:

1. Easy to Integrate

Reduce your time-to-market with quick integration of the NexPlayer SDK across devices and fast, customized, multichannel technical support.

2. Fully Customizable

NexPlayer develops custom features for its customers not available anywhere else in the market, including multi-stream synchronization and ultra-low latency.

3. DRM Content Protection

The only Player SDK offering Widevine DRM across all devices, in addition to other custom DRM solutions.

4. Reliable Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

NexPlayer’s adaptive bitrate streaming algorithms ensure the highest-quality viewer experience regardless of an end user’s device or bandwidth.


The NexPlayer SDK gave TenTime complete control over the playback experience. As NexPlayer controls all of its own code and offers personalized 24/7 technical support, the TenTime team was able to add the player SDK into their apps and launch them in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

NexPlayer was quickly and easily integrated into their Android, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TV apps, which enabled them to manage one player for all mobile devices, operating systems and TV models.

Content could be streamed in several languages by allowing multiple audio/video tracks with full subtitles and closed captioning, and protected with Hollywood-grade digital rights management (DRM) solutions.

By choosing NexPlayer, TenTime streamlined the go-to-market process for their OTT apps, allowing them to reach more viewers, increase their subscriber base, and enable advanced functionalities making life easier for their development team.