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Highest Video Quality Across all Devices and Platforms

NexPlayer SDK enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming with the highest video quality across all platforms and devices. Thanks to a highly customizable feature set, our ABR algorithms and technical support, NexPlayer SDK is chosen everyday and everywhere by the largest OTT service providers. Check out our player SDK solutions and ensure a perfect user experience

Featured Solutions

Nex Player HTLM5

HTML5 Player

The NexPlayer HTML5 player enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all browsers and devices with an advanced feature set which includes subtitles, analytics support, DRM content protection, time-shifting and more
Nex Player SDK

Tizen Player SDK

Integrate NexPlayer in your Samsung Smart TV apps and enable a first-class user experience with our streaming and DRM capabilities. A highly customizable player with our own intelligent ABR technology and 24/7 technical support
Nex Player SDK 360

360 Video Player SDK

Enable the highest quality live VR and 360 video experiences now in your multi-platform OTT apps. The same playback and streaming capabilities as NexPlayer SDK with our custom 360 navigation, standalone or with a VR headset

Why NexPlayer?

NexPlayer Market Proven

Market Proven

Over 300 premium video service providers integrate NexPlayer in their Android, iOS, Tizen, STB, Smart TV and HTML5 apps: A technology that is being used every day by over 50,000,000 end-users.

Totally Customizable

NexPlayer offers video services the highest flexibility with a totally customizable feature set which lets them choose from the largest variety of subtitle formats, CEA 608 Closed Captioning, Time-shifting, DRM, Ad Insertion and Analytics Add Ons; streaming protocols and other playback capabilities such as 360 video navigation or Chromecast. 
NexPlayer Features
NexPlayer Market Proven

Not Based On Open Source

NexPlayer SDK is not based on open source solutions, and we fully own our code. This gives us the capability to react very quickly to any customer comments or reviews, since we know and control 100% of our code. Our in depth knowledge is an indispensable advantage for service providers who care seriously about providing an exceptional level of service to their customers

24/7 Customer Support

Immediate, customized, multichannel and 24/7: Our dedicated worldwide technical support team will resolve any issues or doubts
NexPlayer Features