NexPlayer, Wowza and Nano360 used to live stream iconic VR & 360° concert to fans around the world


La Beriso, the most iconic rock band in Argentina, wanted to produce a unique 360° live video concert experience to engage with their fans who have been unable to attend live concerts due to the current COVID restrictions.

The music industry has suffered tremendously from the suspension of public shows in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. This event was an opportunity to employ music technicians and professionals while simultaneously giving starved music fans an alternative to live concerts.

The concert would be broadcast live from the famous Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday, September 12, 2020, and would be streamed throughout Latin America and push the bounds of virtual reality technology with multiple 360° cameras, immersive 8D sound, and a cutting-edge player experience that supports 360° playback across all mobile devices, web sites, SmartTVs and VR headsets.

+VIVO, an OTT platform that aims to revolutionize concert live streaming in Latin America, was trusted with the production of the live event. The success of the event would put the band, production company, and OTT platform at the forefront of 360° video concert production and virtual reality streaming.


+VIVO researched and identified top streaming workflow technologies that would meet their high-quality standards and chose the Insta360 Pro for their 360°cameras, the Wowza Streaming Cloud service for live streaming and CDN delivery, and NexPlayer for reliable, professional and high-quality 360 playback across all devices.

The following are some key capabilities and benefits of the solution:

SPEED TO MARKETNexPlayer is a part of the Works With Wowza partner program which creates a seamless integration between Wowza, NexPlayer and VR/360° devices making it quick and easy for anyone to launch an end-to-end immersive video experience to local or global audiences.

AFFORDABLE WORKFLOWNexPlayer offers the most cost-efficient HTML5 video player in the market, and with Wowza Streaming Cloud companies do not have to invest up front to build and maintain their own streaming infrastructure and can expand their solutions to scale on-demand while only paying for what they use.

HIGH QUALITY 4K RESOLUTIONThe ability to capture, produce and live stream 4K 360° video content glass-to-glass, from the Nano360 Pro camera, to Wowza Streaming Cloud, to device playback with NexPlayer; enabling the customer to reach global audiences with high-quality, custom-branded videos.

RELIABLE ADAPTIVE BITRATE STREAMINGThe solution needed to process and transcode 4K resolution content to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming through NexPlayer to ensure a high-quality viewer experiences regardless of an end-user’s device or bandwidth.


The concert, broadcast through the +VIVO platform, was watched by 32,000 fans from all over the continent, and was followed by press from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and the United States.

La Beriso played an extended set of its most iconic songs and the broadcast included a half-hour behind the scenes preview that allowed fans an intimate way to connect with the band.

This event marked a turning point in the digital transmission of Spanish-speaking music as the full show could be enjoyed in immersive 8D Audio through a VR headset for the first time in history.

More importantly, it gave the struggling music industry a sense of hope that we can still connect with each other through music, provide jobs to many who are struggling, and re-invigorate the industry and the economy at large.